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Sculpture of Eve by Gislebertus,

now in Autun's Rolin Museum


Paradoxplace in France


The Prophet Jeremiah

awesome Romanesque in 

Moissac (SW France)


Vezelay - Floating Angel

Flying Angel in the Basilique Ste-Madeleine, Vézelay


French Pilgrimage Roads


Lovers on the edge of the Auvergne


French Mermaid - St-Côme-d'Olt


Lots more Mermaids


English Mermaid - St Laurence, Ludlow


Canterbury Cathedral


English Cathedral Photo Pages


Worcester Cathedral


Lincoln Cathedral   2011 photos


Paradoxplace in England



Durham Cathedral + new page




Spain photo and history pages


Santa Maria la Blanca - Toledo, Spain


Camino de Santiago


The elegantly simple Romanesque nave of the

Catedral de Santiago de Compostela


León Cathedral




Los Reales Alcázares, Seville



US World War II cemetery near Greve-in-Chianti


War in Italy  1943 - 1945

The unknown part of WW II


The Normans in S Italy & Sicily


Anversa degli Abruzzi


Paradoxplace in Puglia


Trani Cathedral

Trani (Puglia) - Still a Medieval Crusader Port


Cattedrale di San Valentino, Bitonto

The greatest of the great

Romanesque Cathedrals of Puglia







This Paradoxplace web site started life in 2001 and was put together using Microsoft "Front Page".  Subsequently Microsoft abandoned Front Page completely, and now our excellent hosting site "Bluehost" is also not able to keep supporting it.  So from June 2015 we will not be able to access / edit anything, or publish the many new photos "waiting in the wings".  However, the present web material should be viewable for a bit.  Not sure what will happen next, but  many thanks to the hundreds of thousands of  people who have visited us during these fun years. 


Adrian Fletcher



Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome


Santa Prassede, Rome


Churches of Rome


Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome



Lovers in Ilam in the English Peak District


Lovers in West Yorkshire


Lovers in Herefordshire


Lovers in Lincolnshire


Extreme Lovers in Dorset


Paradoxplace in Italy


Basilica di Santa Croce (Franciscan)


Paradoxplace in Florence


Abbazia Sant'Antimo

L'Abbazia di Sant'Antimo (S Tuscany)


Church of S Biagio - Montepulciano, Tuscany


Siena - medieval mastercity


Paradoxplace in Siena


Torri - Tuscany's only Romanesque cloister


Tuscan Sunflowers


Paradoxplace in Tuscany


Tuscan Poppies



Urbino - the beginning (or end)

of the Piero della Francesca Trail







Piazza Armerina - Bikini Girls (Sicily)

Piazza Armerina


Cefalù (N Sicily) - Roger IIs gift to posterity








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Paradoxplace in France


The little painted Pilgrims' Church of

St-Jacques des Guérets, Loir Valley



Cistercian Abbeys of Europe


Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay, Burgundy



Further east in Burgundy is the Foundation Cistercian Abbey of Pontigny - in the middle of Chablis country and with a great country restaurant in what was once the Abbey's water mill




Ristoro di Lamole, nr Greve, Tuscany



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Simply the Best Meals

photographic memories of eating simply and well in Italy, Spain and France


Team Paradox's Truffle Festival Pages



15 June 1215

Magna Carta was signed in Runnymead


Eleanor (Aliénor) of Aquitaine (1122 - 1204 (82)), Queen of France then England and one of the most remarkable women of the high middle ages, lived her last years in and died at the Royal Abbey of Fontervraud



Insight Pages


Renaissance People     Kings and Queens of England


Medieval Pilgrimage Roads to Santiago and Rome



Montecassino 1937 Expedition to St Catherine's Monastery Mt Sinai 1938 Expedition to Petra WWII in Italy;  Medici Family, Medici Popes & Medici Queens;  40 Cistercian Abbeys;  The Normans in Southern Italy & Sicily Crusades;  Equestrian Statues of the Renaissance;   The 100 Years' War;  Last Supper Paintings in Florence and Venice;   Europe's Leaders 1500 - 1550;   Justinian's Constantinople (527 - 565) Suleiman's Istanbul (1520-1566);   Great Mughal Emperors of India (+The Taj Mahal);   Mongol Emperors;   Travellers, Traders and Explorers 1000 - 1600






Angelico in the Prado


Link to a wonderful collection of

Annunciation art



Art Architecture and History of the Medieval Church + photos of hundreds of medieval cathedrals, abbeys, monasteries and churches


England's Medieval Cathedrals     Rome's Churches

Photos and histories of over 40 Cistercian Abbeys

    Cloisters    Rose Windows    Mosaics    Baptismal Fonts    Bronze Doors

    Tympanums, Lintels, Portals and Panels     Capitals & Corbels

Roof Bosses     Misericords    Croziers    Mermaids     Dragons

Adam 'n Eves   Annunciations   The Nativity   The Magi

Medieval Popes    Popes of the Renaissance


Links to Paradoxplace pages about medieval illustrations of Labours of the Month, Zodiac Signs, Cardinal Virtues and Sins in Western European churches.




Domenico Ghirlandaio frescos a young  Amerigo Vespucci (1454 - 1512 (58)), in the Florence church of Ognissanti.  The Vespucci family were Ognissanti parishioners, and the two continents of the Americas were later named after their explorer son Amerigo.   The refectory of Ognissanti also has one of the best surviving Renaissance "Last Suppers".



Portraits from the Middle Ages


An Emperor, two Kings, a Banker, a Priest, a Pope and a Sultan launch the age of European Nation States


Movers and Shakers of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Early Modern Europe


Chatty chronologies of interesting events, people, ideas, books, art and architecture from the end of the Western Roman Empire (500) to the emergence of the Nation States of Europe (1600).


The 100 Most Popular Pages in Paradoxplace


Paradoxplace has nearly 1,000 pages of photos, stories, books, food and restaurants, which attract tens of thousands of new visitors each month.  These were the 100 most visited pages in March 2010.



4th Crusade


The Crusades




Seafood Pie at Rick Stein's, Padstow



St George by Paolo Uccello (Paris)