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Books written in the Early Middle Ages

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Books written before the European Moveable Metal Type Printing Press was invented in Mainz, Germany, in 1450



Books written in the Middle Ages and Renaissance after the printing press




Kautilya - the Machiavelli of early first millennium India



St Augustine of Hippo

 354 - 430


Anicius Boethius

480 - 524




St Colomba c523 - 597 (74)



The Venerable Bede 673 - 735, written in 731.  Bede was based at Jarrow monastery and is buried in Durham Cathedral.



Bede, a Doctor of the Church,  was also one of the earlier vocal Christian supporters of the spherical earth theory, though it had been around at least since Pythagoras 1250 years earlier







742 - 814


The defeat of Charlemagne's nephew Roland at  Roncesvalles in 778 leads to an epic (and completely inaccurate) poem 200 years later





The glittering court of Sultan Harun al-Rashid 763 - 809




King Alfred the Great

871 - 899

Monarchs of England 




Anselm of Canterbury  1033 - 1109



El Cid  c1040 1099 (59)



The Ruba'iyat of

Omar Khayyam

1048 - 1123




Peter Abelard 1079 - 1142

 Heloise 1101 - 1164




St Stephen Harding

1060 - 1133

St Bernard of Clairvaux

1090 - 1153


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St Aelred c1110 - 1167, third Abbot of Rievaulx

(Yorkshire, Cistercian Abbey) 

The Cistercians - Insight Pages




Moses Maimonides

1135 - 1204

Cordoba born Jewish rabbi, physician and philosopher



Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

1207 - 1273


Saint Thomas Aquinas 1226 -  1274






Link to books by or about medieval travellers in the 1200s and 1300s

Marco Polo, Friar Odoric, Jacob d'Ancona, Ibn Battuta, Sir John Mandeville






San Bonaventura completed this official life of Saint Francis in 1262.

More books about Saint Francis (1182 - 1226 (44))    






The Robert and Jean Hollander translations of the Divine Comedy have received much praise.

Dante Alighieri 1265 - 1321     Portraits & Tomb of Dante     Biography of Dante







Francesco Petrarch

1304 - 1374

Padova 2004



Giovanni Boccaccio

1313 - 1375





Filming the Decameron

(aka Virgin Territory)



Geoffrey Chaucer

1340 - 1400








1450 - The first European printed book produced in Mainz (Germany) - 1450

Link to books written in the Middle Ages after the Invention of the European Printing Press



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