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Books written in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

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Books written after the European Moveable Metal Type Printing Press was Invented in Mainz, Germany, in 1450



 Books written in the Middle Ages and Renaissance before the printing press




Leon Battista Alberti

1404 - 1482



Niccolo Machiavelli 1469 - 1527


Francesco Guicciardini

1483 - 1540

Domenico Veneziano - The Miracle of St Zenobius - Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Unknown Artist - The Execution of Savonarola in the Piazza della Signora, Florence, on 23 May 1498 - San Marco, Florence

Santi di Tito - Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.


Link to other portraits of Machiavelli







Baldesar Castiglione

1478 - 1529



Saint Ignatius of Loyala

1491 - 1556


Portrait of Baldesar Castiglione by Raphael, in the Louvre

Woodcarving of St Ignatius in Campion Hall, Oxford







Benvenuto Cellini

1500 - 1571



Giorgio Vasari 1512 - 1574


Cellini - Salt Cellar for Francis I - Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

(reported stolen May 2003)

Detail from Giotto - The Deposition - Scroveni Chapel, Padova

Detail from Pontormo - Joseph in Egypt - National Gallery, London





Magellan's Voyage

1519 - 1522

(Insight Page: Magellan's Voyages)




Miguel de Cervantes

1547 - 1616


René Descartes

1596 - 1650



Link to books written in the Middle Ages before the Invention of the European Printing Press





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