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This page contains links to Annunciation representations we have enjoyed during our travels in Western Europe.  As we did not make a note of these when the pages were created, the list will be slowly populated as we revisit places we have enjoyed, and explore new ones!. 







Cattedrale di San Valentino, Bitonto (Puglia)



Terracotta reliefs in the Certosa di Pavia





Pisa Duomo Mosaic



Donatello in Santa Croce, Florence



Pontormo in Santa Felicità, Florence


Leonardo da Vinci in the Uffizi Gallery



Domenico Ghirlandaio in Santa Maria Novella


Porziuncola Chapel, Assisi


Fra Angelico in the Museo Diocesano, Cortona



Fra Angelico in the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie,  San Giovanni val d'Arno



Fra Angelico in San Marco, Florence


Templar Church of Ognissanti, Trani (Puglia)



Santa Maria di Cerrate (Puglia, S Italy)


Basilica di Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, Galatina





Byzantine Silver Cross - Cluny Museum, Paris



St-Gatien Cathedral, Tours


Cathedral Church of Ste-Foy, Conques



Notre Dame-la-Grande, Poitiers (West France)



Foundation Cistercian Abbey of Pontigny (Burgundy)









Fra Angelico in the Prado










Melbury Bubb, Somerset



St Mary Magdalene, Pulham St Mary, Norfolk - Porch sculpture.















Some other Annunciations










Terracotta reliefs over the wash basins outside the refectory of the Certosa di Pavia






The tiny Porziuncola Chapel, where San Francesco started out and now enclosed in the huge Basilica of  Santa Maria degli Angeli, below Assisi.

Painting by the Tavolo di Prete Ilario di Viterbo (1393).





postcard image


Leonardo's Annunciation in the Uffizi (Florence)




Not one of Ghirlandaio's glam virgins, but none-the-less an arresting Annunciation in the Tornabuoni Chapel of Santa Maria Novella in Florence .




Franciscan Basilica di Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, Galatina (S Puglia) - part of a "Life of Mary" ceiling fresco cycle.




Santa Maria di Cerrate near Lecce in south Puglia - echoes of the St-Savin style plus a few local buildings in this fresco in the museum.





Knight Templar Chiesa di Ognissanti, Trani.




Cattedrale di San Valentino, Bitonto (Puglia) - crypt fresco (above)  -  west door lintel (below).






St-Gatien Cathedral, Tours  - soaring gothic cathedral of light and colour.


Mary with a gently resigned "I really don't need this complication in my life"  look is faced down by a steely eyed right-angle winged archangel.





The ultimate Annunciation painter - Fra Angelico in Cell 3 (above) and the stairhead (below) of the Convent of San Marco, Florence


postcard photos



Angelico in the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie,  San Giovanni val d'Arno

an inadequate photo for the best painting




Angelico in Cortona




Angelico in the Prado Museum, Madrid




Pontormo - Annunciation - Cappella Capponi in Santa Felicità, Florence

what a difference mannerism made !



Detail from a Byzantine Cross of the 1000s - Cluny Museum, Paris




Donatello in the Tabernacle Cavalcanti, Santa Croce (Florence)





Notre Dame-la-Grande, Poitiers, (West France)





A more remote piece in the Foundation Cistercian Abbey of Pontigny (Burgundy)

Hopefully the new 2004 roof has now weathered to a more sober colour!





Cathedral of Ste-Foy, Conques - featuring Gabriel with toupée






A beautiful Annunciation scene in a tiny pair of windows in the little church among the Melbury Bubb farm buildings in Somerset.

Mary is still in the "OMG you're joking" phase of the story.



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