23 May 2010 - Pentecoste (Whitsun) - A regatta in Venice, a wine festival in Castellina, concerts, festivals and fireworks everywhere...



3 June 2010 (for Sunday 6 June) - Corpus Domini (Corpus Christi in England) - Infioratas at Cistercian Abbeys - Casamari and Chiaravalle della Colomba (with cloister concerts) Spello street flower tapesteries, Orvieto medieval procession, etc



Religious Holiday and Solstice Dates 2010 - 2012 - Plan your Italian holiday to take in Pentecoste and Corpus Domini events.



1 November every year - Ognissanti and a public holiday in Italy where ancestors are celebrated in cemeteries and over long extended family lunches




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Paradoxplace Pages about the Medieval Christian Church Architecture, Art and History



The Christian Church weaves its way through many of the Paradoxplace pages on Medieval Europe because it is the largest, most pervasive and longest lasting institution in Western Europe.  The Christian Church's architectural structures - Cathedrals, Churches,  Abbeys, Monasteries etc and their associated histories and archives account for the bulk of what remains of the great (and lesser) buildings of the early Middle Ages, and are an important component of the extant history of later times.  The narrative art of the Christian Church displayed in stained glass windows, portal sculptures (including tympanums, reliefs and trumeaux), capitals, roof bosses, misericords, mosaics, paintings and illuminated manuscripts is likewise a key window onto the beliefs and life of the middle ages, as well as often being beautiful in its own right.


This page provides links to Christian Church related pages or directories within Paradoxplace, a few of which are maybe just a bit obscurely placed.


Abbeys, Cathedrals and Churches of Europe

The master list of links to the Abbey, Cathedral and Church pages for  Italy Spain and Portugal France  and  Britain.

Books about Cathedrals, Abbeys, Churches and the Christian Church in the Middle Ages


The Early Christian Church

Church and state in early Italy (64 - 800) - events, chronology, and early Church Councils



Links to Christian (and other) stories in painting, mosaics, sculpture, books and other media



Adam and Eve



The Nativity



The Magi



The Annunciation



The Archangel Michael, Saint George

and their Dragons



Last Suppers



Mermaids and Sirens


Baptismal Fonts


Link to "Baptisteria Sacra"

Cloisters of Europe

Links to Cloister photographs in Paradoxplace

Rose Windows





Ravenna, Monreale, Palermo (Capella Palatina and La Martorana), Otranto ... and more.



Link to "Misericords of the World"

Paradoxplace Bestiary



Link to "The Medieval Bestiary"


Wikipedia List of Legendary Creatures


Zodiac Signs and Illustrations of Labours of the Month


The archivolts, door jams, facade reliefs and floors of many Romanesque and Gothic churches contained reliefs, carvings, images, mosaics or medallions which represented either or both of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and the twelve typical labours / activities associated with each time of the year.  This material is also to be found in stained glass windows, misericords, and ....


7 Vices (Sins) v. 7 Virtues

... sometimes there were also other subjects, such as illustrations of the Cardinal and Christian virtues and sins.

Archangels and Evangelists

The symbolism, art, sculpture and iconography of the Archangels and Evangelists.

Last Supper Paintings in  Florence  &  Venice



Limoges Reliquary Ch‚sses for relics of Saint Thomas (Becket)



Medieval Bronze Church Doors in Italy - 1060 - 1200





The Cistercian Order and their Abbeys

Dozens of photo pages on the fascinating Cistercian Order, and the beautiful Abbeys they bequeathed to Europe.

Abbeys, Cathedrals and Churches of Europe

The master list of links to the Abbey, Cathedral and Church pages for  Italy Spain and Portugal France  and  Britain.

Abbeys, Cathedrals and Churches of Italy

Links to the Abbey, Cathedral and Church pages for Italy.

Via Francigena - Medieval Pilgrimage Road(s) to Rome


Churches of Rome


Abbeys, Cathedrals and Churches of France

Links to the Abbey, Cathedral and Church pages for France.

The Pilgrimage Roads of Medieval France


Early French Saints

Some Medieval French Saints and Kings.

Abbeys, Cathedrals and Churches of Spain & Portugal

Links to the Abbey, Cathedral and Church pages for Spain & Portugal.

The Camino - The Pilgrimage Roads through Spain to Santiago de Compostela


Abbeys, Cathedrals and Churches of Britain

Links to the Abbey, Cathedral and Church pages for Britain.

The Old English Cathedrals

Some Early English (and other) Saints and Kings

Early English Saints and Kings

Some Early English (and other) Saints and Kings

Art Books & Guides for Cathedrals, Abbeys, Priories and Churches in the UK



Medieval Popes in Paradoxplace



Popes of the Renaissance


Doctors of the Church

A listing of the Doctors of the Catholic Church


There are lots of pages in Paradoxplace with many photos of the subjects in the list below .....  at some stage team Paradox will pull together some linking pages .....


Medieval Pilgrimages

Being designed.

Churches of Light

Some (sadly the minority) of churches are filled with natural light  ....

Medieval Abbey, Cathedral and Church Architecture

Being designed

Portals, Tympanums, Archivolts, Lintels, Panels, Trumeaux

Being designed

Corbel Sculptures

Being designed

Capital Sculptures

Being designed

Roof Bosses

Being designed

Stained Glass Windows

Being designed

Painted Churches

Being designed

The Great Medieval European Christian Monastic and Mendicant Orders

Being designed 



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