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The links below go to many of the cloisters we have visited and that we thought had a special quality about them




ITALY (from south to north)



Palermo (Sicily):  The Cloisters of the Cathedral of Monreale




Amalfi (S Italy):  The "Cloister of Paradise" in the old Norman Cathedral



Above: Fossanova, Cistercian Abbey south of Rome


Right:  Casamari, Cistercian Abbey south of Rome






Rome The Major Basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura



More to come from Rome



Torri, Tuscany's only remaining Romanesque cloister, located to the west of Siena.






Above: Santa Croce in Florence


Right: San Marco in Florence



More to come from Florence and around Siena


The Cistercian Abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba, near Piacenza







The Carthusian (now Cistercian) Certosa di Pavia



Link to the Via Francigena - the Pilgrims' Road to Rome

Link to the medieval French pilgrimage roads

Link to Spanish roads to Santiago de Compostela





Salamanca:  Convento de Santa Maria de las Dueñas



Salamanca:  Dominican Convent of San Esteban




Toledo:  Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes




Grenada:  Monasterio de San Jeronimo




Andalucia:  Convento de la Rábida




Santiago de Compostela:  Cathedral



Castile:  León Cathedral




Castile:  Basilica de San Isidoro




Burgos (Castile) - Cistercian Royal Abbey & Nunnery of Santa Maria la Real de Las Huelgas - Las Claustrillas (above) and the Great Cloister (right)






Castile:  Royal Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos






Aragon (East Spain):  Cistercian Real Monasterio de neustra Señora de Rueda



Navarre:  Cistercian Monastery of Santa Maria de la Oliva



ABOVE:  Catalonia (East Spain) - Cistercian Reial Monestir de Santes Creus




LEFT:  Catalonia (East Spain) - Cistercian Reial Monastir de Santa maria de Poblet





Above - Portugal:  Royal Cistercian Abbey of Alcobaça






Right - Portugal:  Royal Dominican Abbey of Batalha





Central France: Cistercian Abbey of Noirlac




Burgundy (France):  Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay






The cloister of the Abbaye St-Pierre de Moissac, S-W France - the oldest cloister of them all


Carthusian Hospital, Monastery of St-Saveur, Villefranche-de-Rouergue

sadly closed from October 1 to June 30 (we went there on October 3!)




Sadly this photographic tour de force is presently only available second hand.  The cloister on the cover is from Lérida in Catalonia, Spain


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RIGHT:  South West France (Languedoc) - Cistercian Abbey of Fontfroide



Still to come:  The Cistercian Abbeys of Valmagne and Senanque





Northern England:  Durham Cathedral




London:  Westminster Abbey




East Central England:  Norwich Cathedral

Even East Anglia is not immune from the wretched foreigner St-Denis carrying his severed head around.






West Central England:  Worcester Cathedral




West Central England: Gloucester Cathedral



South East England:  Canterbury Cathedral





South West England:  Wells Cathedral




Southern England:  Salisbury Cathedral



Link to the Via Francigena - the Pilgrims' Road to Rome

Link to the medieval French pilgrimage roads

Link to Spanish roads to Santiago de Compostela



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