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Croziers, descendants of shepherds staffs, are an "artefact of office" of bishops, abbots and abbesses.   Medieval abbots and abbesses have left behind some beautiful personal croziers, either the crozier itself or its relief on a sepulchral slab.  Presumably bishops also had personal staffs, though today they are associated with a particular institution rather than person.  Abbots and bishops represented in, for example, portico tympanum reliefs are marked by their croziers, with bishops also wearing mitres.


There are lots of croziers in Paradoxplace that we have not picked up yet - send an email if you have found one worth highlighting!  afletch at paradoxplace dot com.






Abbot of Santes Creus Tomb  Bishop of Santes Creus Tomb  Bishop of Santes Creus Tomb



Sepulchral reliefs of an abbot and two bishops with their croziers in the Chapter House floor of the Cistercian Reial Monestir de Santes Creus, Catalonia





Sepulchral Crozier c1300 of an Abbess of the Cistercian Nunnery of Santa Maria del Salvador ("El monasterio de la luz") Cañas, La Rioja, in the nunnery's Chapter House.





Link to photos of the Cañas Nunnery, and the famous tomb of  Abbess la Beata Urraca Lopez de Haro (1170 – 1262 (92)) (above - the Abbess holding her now broken crozier shaft, and below - croziered abbots and  bishops at the funeral).







Lots of simple croziers on the sepulchral slabs of the tombs of abbots in the chapter house of the lovingly restored

Aragonese Royal Monastery of Our Lady of the Water Wheel (called Rueda).








The Crozier of Saint Robert of Molesme

Founder of the Cistercian Order

Musée des Beaux-Arts, Dijon



Link to photos of over 40 Cistercian Abbeys in

Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Britain





In the baddies side of the Tympanum of the Cathédrale Ste-Foy, Conques, a disgraced abbot forced onto his knees clutches his grounded crozier (bottom left) and prostrates himself before a grotesque hunch-backed devil figure with a net.






Above and below - croziers made in Limoges in the 1200s, now in the Cluny Museum, Paris



The Archangel Michael and Dragon






Gold plated crozier illustrating the Annunciation Mid 1200s, Limoges' church - now in the Louvre, Paris







Saints and bishops in  the Loir Valley Église St-Genest, Lavardin (1000s)







Silver and enamel crozier showing San Galgano

Cattedrale di Santa Margherita, Montefiascone

(Photo from the catalogue of the Duccio Exhibition in Siena, 2003)


Link to photos of the Abbey and Hermitage of San Galgano in Tuscany








Photo © Sacred Destinations



This bas relief of St Michael killing a dragon comes from the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn, Bonn - a treasure chest of medieval (and earlier) sculpture and art.  For more follow this link to Holly Hayes' Sacred Destinations.








Silver crozier showing the Annunciation  Crozier of the Bishop of Carlisle, Carlisle Cathedral


Link to photos of Carlisle Cathedral




The Romsey Abbess Sheela Na Gig  (with crozier)  -  Romsey Abbey





The top half of the sepulchral plate of an abbess' tomb in Romsey Abbey - showing a reluctance to let go of temporal authority?  Or maybe, like the Dom, she liked croziers.  Then we found another one (below) - this time in the grassed nave space of Egglestone Abbey, in a stunningly beautiful location near Barnard Castle.




Egglestone Abbey (near Barnard Castle)



Sepulchral plate for an early 1200s abbot of Sherborne Abbey - that's a mirror on the wall, because there is an un-expected bonus on the far side of the crosier .....





A prod with his crozier does not seem to be enough to deter a hungry wyvern having a go at an abbot's foot on the font in St James, Avebury.




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