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Misericords are the wood carvings under the little seatlets in choir stalls that monks used to rest their bums on whilst pretending to stand for lengthy periods.  England particularly has a rich store of misericords, though they are more often than not inaccessible and / or very badly lit.  The subjects featured in misericord carvings cover the gamut of temporal life, fables, fun and nature, but nothing religious!  The better ones are both interesting and fun, though as one would expect their quality varies greatly.  Considering the ease with which they could be ripped out and burned, it is surprising that so many have survived.


This page has links to some Paradoxplace church pages which contain misericord photos. 


The site Misericords of the World has set itself the daunting task of being a misericord photographic data base, and already has an impressive number of photo sets.








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St Mary, Beverley

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St Laurence, Ludlow





Great Malvern Priory

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Saint Mary, Fairford

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Worcester Cathedral





Chichester Cathedral





Lincoln cathedral pages



Norwich cathedral pages



Ripon Cathedral






Villefranche-de-Rouergue (Notre Dame)








Toledo Cathedral





Zodiac Signs and Monthly Activity illustrations in the Churches of Western Europe



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