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Rose Windows


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Chartres Cathedral, North Rose Window


The North Transept Rose Window of Chartres Cathedral



This much overdue addition to the Paradoxplace pages was prompted by the recent purchase of Painton Cowan's superb book "The Rose Window" (right). 


The 2005 book (not to be confused with an earlier smaller work by the same author) is published by Thames & Hudson, one of the leaders in high quality coffee table books packed with knowledge and outstanding photos, and this is one of their best.  


Thames and Hudson have also published another book by Painton Cowan titled "English Stained Glass"



Link to Painton Cowan's large and extremely well organized archive of photos of stained glass in rose and other windows




Buy from Amazon USA

Buy from Amazon UK



Rose Window, Troia Cattedrale, Puglia


West Rosone of Troia Cattedrale


The Wagon Wheel Rose Windows (Rosoni) of Puglia's Cathedrals



Rose Window, Paris Notre Dame Cathedral


Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, North Transept Rose Window



Rose Window - St-Gatien Cathedral, Tours


North Transept Rose Window of the Cathédrale St-Gatien, Tours



Duccio's Siena Duomo Rose Window


Restored East Oculus of Siena Duomo by Duccio



More to come ......



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