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At the centre of the Paradoxplace web(sites) - with nearly a thousand pages containing 8000+ photos from Italy, Spain, France and Britain, accompanied by concise and fun commentary on everything from Plantagenets and Medicis, through Renaissance Artists to today's Food and Restaurants.



There are several subsidiary web sites associated with Adrian Fletcher's travels and the main site above.  These smaller sites make it easier and quicker to load new pages whilst travelling.  This information then mostly finds its way into Paradoxplace at a later stage.



bellatrovata is our original "on the road site" and has been reinvigorated for our lengthy 2009, 2011 and 2012 English road trips. covers travels in Britain, FRANCE and Italy in the Summer, Autumn and Winter of 2007. was born to cover visits to Rome, Tuscany, Piemonte, Puglia and Burgundy in Autumn and Winter 2006.



Holding site for URLs, downloads etc.



Well, you have to have your name up there don't you ?!



8+ generations of .... Fletchers, Burtons, Webbers, Procters, Middlecoats, Dixons, Sutcliffes, Dobsons, Stringers, Ashtons, Hamptons, Lockes, Naskys .... Sproules, Aldouses, Stewarts, Robinsons, Davises, Sewards, Waughs, Blakes, Harpurs, Whitings, Pooles, Haws, Falconers, Hendersons, Hamiltons, Coopers, and no doubt many others since 1652.



So badly managed that there is not yet much there.


May or may not be destined for blogdom



And there's a couple of other URLs sitting around playing cards in Paradox Central and hoping to be taken on a future trip .... they are, after all, really fun names!




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