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Thanks for visiting Paradoxplace.


The copyright for photos and commentary on this site belongs to Adrian Fletcher unless otherwise stated.



Photos may be copied for educational and non-profit use including personal blogs and websites provided that:


1.  Not more than two photos from any one location or page are used.  Above this you are asked simply to have a hyperlink to the relevant paradoxplace page or contact me explaining the circumstances.


2.  Every photo is accompanied by the attribution:  Photo Adrian Fletcher (preferably with the hyperlink pointing to the paradoxplace page containing the photo).  The attribution should be immediately underneath or close to the photo.  For websites, an attribution that is not hyperlinked or is hidden as "alternative text" is not sufficient.


Notwithstanding this general permission, it is good to hear about projects which are using my photos because it is interesting.


3.  Copying and use of (often renamed) photos without acknowledgement is theft, and going further and claiming copyright over such work is fraud.



This permission does not apply to any form of "hot-linking" or similar, which is theft of both photos and my bandwidth - usually without any acknowledgement of where the material came from.  A photo rich site like Paradoxplace is obviously vulnerable to this sort of activity.  I have considered putting in a general hot-linking block, but this would disadvantage students, teachers and personal webbers who want to download an image or two and whom I enjoy helping, and I would prefer not to do it. 



The photos in Paradoxplace are significantly compressed from high res originals, mostly of several megabytes.   If  you want a high res photo for print purposes, then email me: afletch at paradoxplace dot com.  Note also that my photo library is far larger than the photos shown on the web site, and so it is worth asking even if your particular object of interest is not on the website itself.



Thanks for visiting, and enjoy



These rules are subject to review and alteration at any time at the sole discretion of Adrian Fletcher



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All original material Adrian Fletcher 2000-2015 - The contents may not be hotlinked, or reproduced without permission