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Many of Paradoxplace's 1,000 pages have links to interesting and relevant external websites.  Here are links to some worthwhile sites.



Delicious Italy is rich in foodie commentary, information and stories from all over Italy and is well worth a visit.


There are some other Italian foodie site links and truffle information here.


Link to Delicious Italy






The Durham World Heritage Site, under Saif el-Rashid, has some really interesting stuff on Romanesque Architecture - illustrated by lots of Paradoxplace photos!



Link to Durham World Heritage Site



Julianna Lees has a great collection of photos of Romanesque capitals, mostly from France and Italy - she is also into green men.  The website has a good list of links also (but not, alas, to the Place).



Link to Julianna Lees' Picasa Albums,

and web site



Tina Negus is an outstanding photographer, and of particular interest to us are her superb "Churches and Church Carvings"  photos.



Tina Negus on Flickr


Churches and Church Carvings has photos of a large number of the Romanesque churches of France.



Link to has a wealth of good photos of most of Romanesque France and some from other countries.



Link to


Anthony Weir's Romanesque Exhibitionist Figures in Medieval Churches - a fascinating medieval Western Europe groin (and other places) tour.



Link to Anthony Weir's "Satan in the Groin"  




Holly Hayes' Sacred Destinations has information about and photos of hundreds of sacred sites, holy places, religious buildings, and pilgrimage destinations around the world. 



Mary Ann Sullivan of Bluffton University has a site with a large number of photos plus commentary on many of the places Team Paradox has visited.


Link to Mary Ann Sullivan's Website


John Malyon's artcyclopedia is a an excellent resource for linking to thousands of works of art that can be viewed on the web.



Details about most of the major buildings in Paradoxplace can be found in Nicolas Janberg's Structurae.


Link to Structurae


A site "for students" covering 750 medieval European churches built between 1000 and 1500


Bill Buckingham's Mosaic Atlas has links to more mosaics than you ever thought existed.


Link to Mosaic Atlas


Baptistera Sacra is an Inconographic Index of (all) Baptismal Fonts - a fascinating and large data base for font lovers, run out of Toronto (Canada) by Miguel and Harriet Torrens.


Link to Baptistera Sacra


"Misericords of the World" (author unknown) is on the way to producing a photo data base of all misericords.


Link to Misericords of the World


The Stone Foundation, being as how Paradoxplace has so much stone in it !!


Link to the Stone Foundation


The "thatsArte" team of Manuela and Tiziana are responsible for a seriously good site for the large number of people who are "passionate about Italian ceramics", including information about exhibitions.  They also have a sister site where you can indulge your passion by buying today's Italian ceramic wares.



Whilst Wikipedia is (to put it mildly) a photo desert and a bit of a jungle to participate in, it has improved the accuracy of its written information greatly and can be a good additional source to the "this is what it's like to be there" photo rich Paradoxplace pages.


Link to Wikipedia



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