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English Monarchs from the

Houses of Lancaster and York







The Great Seal of Edward III


Edward III



Edward III   1312-1327-1377 (65)


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Tomb of the Black Prince in Canterbury Cathedral




Portrait of Richard II in Westminster Abbey

This was the first portrait to be commissioned by an English King.

Richard II was the son of the Black Prince




Richard II (son of the Black Prince)

1367-1377-1399 (33)



Children of Edward III and Philippa of Hainault


Edward the Black Prince


House of Lancaster Kings


Henry IV, son of John of Gaunt, nephew of the Black Prince

1367-1399-1413 (46)


Henry V - Victor of Agincourt

1387-1413-1422 (35)


Henry VI

1421 -1422-1461 & 1470-1471 (50)




House of York Kings


Edward IV

1442 -1461-1470 & 1471-1483 (41)


Edward V "The Prince in the Tower" - Portrait in Little Malvern Priory.

1470-1483-1483 (13)


Richard III - The last Plantagenet King

1452-1483-1485 (32)





Tomb of Henry IV in Canterbury Cathedral





Henry IV

1367-1399-1413 (46)


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Ian Mortimer's excellent July 2007 book ("The Fears of Henry IV") contains a Paradoxplace photo of the tomb of Henry IV in Canterbury Cathedral





Henry V

1387-1413-1422 (35)





Henry VI

1421 -1422-1461 & 1470-1471 (50)




Edward IV

1442 -1461-1470&1471-1483 (41)


in Canterbury Cathedral







Elizabeth Woodville and daughters are also to be found in Little Malvern Priory




The photo on the left comes from this excellent book



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Edward V as Prince of Wales - Little Malvern Priory - the only known image of "the Prince in the Tower".




Misericord depicting Richard III in Christchurch Priory, Dorset










Richard III

1452-1483-1485 (32)


The Wars of the Roses



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Jonathon Sumption

Trial by Battle

The Hundred Years War - 1




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