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The Welf and Hohenstaufen Dynasties (1056 - 1254)


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Emperor Henry IV (1050 - 1056 (King of Gemany) - 1085 HR Emperor - 1106 (56)) is mostly remembered for picking a big fight with the reformist Pope St Gregory VII (Hildebrand) (1023 - 1073 - 1085 (62)), a Rome educated Tuscan, over the standard medieval subject of who had the right to appoint who.  The collateral damage included Rome itself - sacked by the supposedly Pope friendly Norman forces of Robert Guiscard.  Henry did not have much luck with Popes, but was a good fighter, and descended to whack Northern Italy several times to demonstrate this.  Oddly, he does not seem to be connected with the First Crusade (1095 - 1099) - rather a French (Auvergne) affair.


After the death of Emperor Henry V (1086 - 1106 - 1125 (39)), his wife Matilda (daughter of Henry I of England and grand-daughter of William the Conqueror) married Geoffrey Plantagenet (below) from Le Mans and had an unsuccessful tilt at the English crown.  Their son became Henry II, the first Plantagenet King of England.



Geoffrey of Anjou (Plantagenet)


Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa or Redbeard) (1122 - 1155 - 1190 (68)) spent a lot of time fighting with the church - mostly the Sienese Pope Alexander III.  He eventually drowned on his way south with forces of the Third Crusade.


Emperos Frederick Barbarossa


c1157 Head of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (1122 - 1155 - 1190 (68)), from:




Emperor Henry VI (1165 -  1190 - 1197 (32)) made a seriously huge pile of money by capturing the nasty King Richard I and selling him back to England, who were stupid enough to pay up.  Emperor Henry married Constance, daughter of Norman King Roger II of Sicily and Queen of Sicily in her own right (Sicily = Sicily + Southern Italy in those days), and made himself King of Sicily as well.



Henry VI Hohenstaufen receives the legates of Palermo - 1100s codex

from "Sicily - Art, History and Culture"


Emperor Frederick II (Stupor Mundi) (1194 - 1215 - 1250 (56)) - Larger than life euro celebrity - link to Paradoxplace page on  Emperor Frederick II and the Castel del Monte (Puglia).



Frederick II (1194 - 1215 - 1250 (56)) and his favourite falcon



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