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Habsburgs all - Holy Roman Emperors Maximilian I, Charles V

and Spanish King Philip II



Maximilian I  (1459 - 1493 - 1519 (60))


Arranger of marriages for the greater territorial glory of his Austro-Hungarian House of  Habsburg.  Acquired the Low Countries and Burgundy by marrying Mary of Burgundy, and married off son Philip (the Handsome) to Joanna of Castile (heir to the Spanish throne, who slipped into a grief driven madness after the early death of Philip and passed the Spanish throne on to son Charles - the future Emperor Charles V (aka King Charles I of Spain)).  Undertook long wars in Hungary and Italy to further extend the "family" lands, though eventually Hungary (and Bohemia) were brought in to the family via marriages.


After Mary died, he married Bianca Maria Sforza, daughter of the awful Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan.


By the time Max died in 1519, Philip was also long since dead, so everything, including the conquests in Spanish America, fell into the hands of 19 year old grandson Emperor Charles V (1500 - 1558 (58)). 


It was the largest empire since the days of Rome, and one which proved completely unmanageable (particularly as Luther, Suleiman, Henry VIII and Francis I had been dealt as his contemporaries - see insight page).


This magnificent portrait of Maximilian I, dated 1518, is by Albrecht Durer (1471 - 1528 (57)) from Nuremberg, who brought the art of Renaissance painting to Germany, and of whom Maximilian was patron.


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A 1515 Happy Habsburgs family shot by Bernhard Striegel includes Maximilian I (back left) and his son Philip.  Philip became King Consort to the daughter of "Los Reyes Cathólicos" (Isabella and Ferdinand) - Queen Joan - but died in 1506 aged only 28.  His death destabilized Joan completely, and she was removed from her short Queenship of Spain and became known as "Joan the Mad".  They are buried beside Isabella and Ferdinand in the Capilla Real in Granada.


Joan's youngest sister was Catherine of Aragon, who went to England to marry Tudor Prince Arthur in 1501, but Arthur died six months' later, which is how Catherine became the first of Henry VIII's wives. 


Joan's incarceration left a young Charles (1500 - 1558 (58)) as King of Spain (Charles I), Holy Roman Emperor (Charles V), and various other things.  The only time that a Habsburg ruled most of Europe and then the newly discovered Americas.  Charles is the central figure in the front row of the painting.  He had an extreme version of the family mandibular prognathistic jaw.  Interesting that the Habsburgs had "the jaw" whereas their rivals the Bourbon dynasty suffered from a lack of it.


Charles' son Philip (1527-1556-1598 (71)) became Philip II of Spain, and briefly also returned to the Tudor family by marrying Henry VIII's daughter Queen Mary  (1516-1553-1558 (42)).  He was also King of Naples, Duke of Milan, etc.  After Mary died he returned to Spain and worked his way up to his famously unsuccessful Spanish Armada against England in 1588.


Maximilian, Charles, Philip et al "knew" that the Habsburg family had a divine right to own as much of everything as they could get their hands on, and the thought of putting the interests of subjects or even states before those of the family, would have struck them as damned odd.





Left:  Charles V painted by Titian in 1548 (now in Munich)


Below left:  Charles V by Titian in 1533 (Prado, Madrid)


Below right:  Philip II by Titian c1550 (Prado, Madrid)







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