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Andrea del Castagno

c1421 - 1457

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Nine Famous Men and Women


Castagno painted the "Nine Famous Men and Women" cycle in the Villa Legnaia around 1450.  The Frescoes are now all in the Uffizi collection (but not on display).  The portrayals were of three Tuscan Poets, three condottieri and three "famous women" (Queen Esther, Queen Tomyris and the Cumaean Sibyl)

Dante Alighieri (1265 - 1321 (56))


Giovanni Boccacio  (1313 - 1375 (62))

Francesco Petrarch (1304 - 1374 (70))

Condottiere Pippo Spano Condottiere Farinata degli Uberti
Condottiere Niccolò Acciaoli The Cumaean Sibyl
Queen Esther Queen Tomyris

Amongst Castagno's few other remaining works are this large (8.2 M high) fresco of Condottiere Niccolo da Tolentino (aka "il Tolentino") in the Duomo in Florence, and "rescued in the nick of time" frescos of the resurrection and a last supper at the Convent of Sant'Apollonia (near San Marco) also in Florence.

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