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2002 and Masaccio turns 600

 San Giovanni Val d'Arno has an exhibition in his house near the main square

Links to: Brancacci Chapel. Florence, Santa Maria Novella, Florence



What other country would design a ticket of such beauty?



Masaccio self portrait (but it's on the wall of the Brancacci Chapel, Florence!)




The "Casini Madonna" (detail) - normally in the Uffizi



The multi badged Town Hall and main Piazza of San Giovanni Val d'Arno, overseen by you-know-who.  Masaccio's place is just round the corner on the left.



Not in the Exhibition, but just as good a reason for  being in town, is this exquisite Angelico Annunciation in the Basilica behind the Town Hall.

Masaccio's San Paulo

Masaccio's Sant'Andrea


Donatello's Crucifixion (detail with woodworm holes) from Franciscan Santa Croce - the best church in Florence



Brunelleschi's Crucifixion (detail) from Dominican Santa Maria Novella (Florence)


Donatello - the first and maybe greatest renaissance genius and a wiz with cherubs !



Uccello's baby Jesus with a glint in his eye

Did you know that Beato Angelico did landscapes ?

Uccello hits a more sublime note with Santa Monica.

Also from Uccello (1397 - 1475 (78)), this display of three dimensional virtuosity (loaned by the Louvre, Paris).  Uccello was consumed by ever more complex geometric perspective challenges - including the theory of double vanishing points.

Just for interest, this bit of flooring in San Marco in Venice is also often attributed to Uccello.  It was something like 200 years before the physicist Kepler described it in mathematical terms.



The exhibition catalogue is still (2007) available - try the Uffizi bookshop.



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