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22 May 2005, and the reservists and past Riflemen and Women

 of the Italian Bersagliere Regiments of Central and Northern Italy parade through Florence with thousands of brass instruments to mark the 60th anniversary of its liberation in WW II


Pretty much every Italian village and town sports a brass band or two.   This manifested itself in the fact that for this huge parade (3 to 4 hour march past time) there were many more instrument players than non-instrumented marchers.


The Bersagliere are the rifle brigade (infantry but originally sharpshooters) of the Italian Army.  The regular troops play their trumpets whilst they are pointed upwards and the player is running - tiring stuff and not expected of reservists!


The thought of how many cocks went into making the thousands of hats on display defies the imagination.


Also of interest the British army style WWII webbing belts and the profusion of solid tyred WWII push bikes.


The parade marked the culmination of celebrations further south as each town marked its liberation date in 1945.  The poster on the right was in San Gimignano.


Afterwards every restaurant within miles of Florence was full!




"Guess my nationality?"


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