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The Duomo








The Upper Facade sports two "knotted marble columns" where the four columns and knot have been carved out of a single block.







A Poitou Romanesque moment - a horse and rider occupy a central spandrel slot on the cathedral's facade - here it is the French Saint St Martin of Tours doing his cloak splitting act.  The Telamon figures are pure Romanesque - beast faces off against (or mates with) beast, tails entwined, and man embraces devil (?).



Labours of the Months





The Duomo facade incorporates 12 "labours of the month" bas relief panels with accompanying small Zodiac signs in the spandrels.  The months read from right to left - starting with foot warming in January on the right of the photo above, and finishing with preparing a pig for Christmas Dinner on the left of the photo below.  Before noticing these reliefs the Paradox had never heard of labour of the month / zodiac cycles, and what ensued is history.  Interestingly the latter months of the year are spelt with an "-er" rather than "-re".






Fishing in February (under Aries the ram and a one fish Pisces)




Decanting wine in October (under Sagittarius the centaur archer and Scorpio the scorpion)



The Basilica of San Michele





The Basilica of San Michele - Two angel trumpeters proclaim Archangelo Michele killing a dragon, above a facade with 4 more knotted marble columns.

More dragon killing scenes.











San Frediano






more to come



Giacomo Puccini (Dec 1858 - Nov 1924 (65)) - genius son of Lucca and composer of La Boheme (1896),  Tosca (1900),  Madam Butterfly (1904), Turandot (not performed till after his death - 1926) et al, said that his favourite instrument was his shot gun - very country Tuscan!



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