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Pisa - Classic Romanesque


Still to come ..... Duomo interiors, labours of the months panels in the Baptistery, and more big pics ....







The Duomo - built between 1063 and 1150


Set in the the first arch on the left of the West Front is the tomb of Architect Buscheto, who was in charge when the building started in 1063



A panel from the pulpit in the Duomo, which Giovanni Pisano (1245 - 1320) (son of Nicola, below) took ten years to complete


The bronze doors in the West Front (above and below) by the school of Giambologna date from 1602, the previous ones by Bonanno Pisano (1180) having been destroyed by fire.

A panel from the pulpit in the Baptistry (below), completed by Nicola Pisano (1220 - 1284) around 1260


Built between 1173 and 1350, the famous tower started tilting before the first storey was finished.  It was left to settle for 100 years at the third storey level, and then completed. Reopened to the public in December 2001 after  responding favourably to untilting through removal of soil under the high side - the brainchild of Paradox's Alma Mater - Imperial College, London.


Museum Pieces - a fat Pisan Gryphon, and a Madonna and happy middle-aged child making meaningful eye contact (sculpted by one of the Pisanos).  Below is the 1180 bronze door by Bonanno Pisano whish was in the Ranieri Portal and thus escaped being melted along with his west facade doors in the fire of 1595.



Photo Holly Hayes, Sacred Destinations


Pisa was finally conquered by Florence in 1406

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