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San Gimignano

Magic Town of Medieval Towers and Narrow Streets

on the old Via Francigena - the Pilgrims Road to and from Rome


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San Gimignano seen from Gregory's appartamento in Castellina in November light - it's a one hour drive to get there!



San Gimignano towers with T-crane inexpertly removed!



La Piazza della Cisterna





How the town centre fits together.  The Main drag from Porta San Giovanni is Via San Giovanni, and it goes from the bottom left of the photo to the main Piazza, La Piazza della Cisterna, which is located half way up the right half of the photo.  The Collegiate Church (aka Duomo) is in the upper centre of the photo.



More of the varied faces of the Piazza della Cisterna




Cafe Cisterna

Osteria il Castello


The Piazza del Duomo


13 July 1944 - The Duomo and much of the town suffered significant war damage, though no-one would own up to doing it.



Medieval Passion ...... (with maid, on left)

"Wedding Scene" - a fresco painted in the eleven hundreds by Memmo di Filippuccio and now in the Museo Civico



Modern Passion ......

An outstanding Gelato from the Piazza della Cisterna Gelato Bar



Ristorante La Mandragola - A bowl of Tuscan bean soup with a healthy dose of extra virgin olive oil



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