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Torri - Tuscany's only Romanesque Cloister

Chiesa della Santissima Trinità e di Santa Mustiola

Torri is near Rosia to the south west of Siena.  It is open (mostly) every Monday and Friday from 9 or whenever (the entrance below was still firmly closed until 10 when we visited!) to 12 except for public holidays.  The lower part of the cloister, made from white, pink and black stone, dates from the 1200s or earlier.  The upper two layers were added in the 1300s and 1400s (the columns and capitals on the top level are made of wood). 


The cloister used to form part of a large Benedictine (later Vallombrosan) monastery with a history stretching back to 1000.  The monastery buildings now seem to be partly apartmentalized and partly unoccupied and awaiting a developer!


The coat of arms of the Piccolomini family over the entrances.  Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini (1405 - 1458 - 1464 (59)) from Siena (or more accurately Pienza) was Pope Pius II.

The two mighty towers of Siena can just be seen on the Eastern horizon.


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