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Sandro Botticelli (& the Medici)

1444 - 1510





Self Portrait in "The Adoration of the Magi" (1476) (below, with crib sheet for the people in the painting and where the colour of the Bottecilli's cloak is accurate!), in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence


The Magi in Art and Sculpture


Guess who else is in Sandro's 1470 - 75 painting??  The Medici family and friends of course (see below)!! 


1.  Lorenzo the Magnificent

2.  Poliziano

3.  Pico della Mirandola

4.  Gaspare Lami (a broker who footed the bill)

5.  Cosimo the Elder

6.  Piero the Gouty (Lorenzo's Dad)

7.  Guiliano de' Medici  (Lorenzo's younger brother, later murdered in the Pazzi Conspiracy)

8.  Giovanni de' Medici (younger brother of Piero the Gouty)

9.  Filippo Strozzi

10.  Joannis Argiropulos

11.  Sandro Botticelli

12.  Lorenzo Tornabuoni


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