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Pescocostanzo, Abruzzi



Pescocostanzo - small town in the clear air of the edge of the Abruzzi National Park.  Tourist free in June (their low season).  Well kept - probably through revenue from Roman skiers.  In 2004 no Internet ("internet non funzione") or English ("solo Italiano") - both good points !!



Pescocostanzo, Abruzzi


Pescocostanzo, Abruzzi Pescocostanzo, Abruzzi

OK for him - not much fun for her!


Even the Scots who made the town fountain had to learn Italian


Pescocostanzo, Abruzzi Pescocostanzo, Abruzzi
Pescocostanzo, Abruzzi
Pescocostanzo, Abruzzi Pescocostanzo, Abruzzi

Many of the houses have steps to their front doors - for snowtimes?


Albergo Archi del Sole, Pescocostanzo


Hotel:  Albergo Archi del Sole - 0864 640007 - the ideal small unpretentious hotel - 7 rooms with names: Primula, Ginestra, Genzianella, Anemone, Rosacanina, Non ti Scordar di Me, and Stella Alpina.  Say hello to Gabriella and Marco.  Finding it is a challenge .... circle the one way system till you hit the fountain / town hall, and head towards the "American Bar" (though you won't find any Americans there unless they are hopelessly lost) then its down the hill to the right.


Restaurant:  Ristorante da Paolino ("Antiche sapori d'Abruzzo nel cuoredi Pescocostanzo" - old flavours of the Abruzzi near the heart of Pescocostanzo) - just up the road from the hotel and the town piazza - 0864 640080 - great atmosphere, great food, great local wine, friendly host (solo Italiano!) (that's the boss in front of the town hall in the second photo down).


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