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Over 50 (eventually) Rome Church Pages

Fountains and Piazzas of Rome




Rome Hotels
Ancient Roman Buildings and the Good Emperors Palaces of Rome
Art in Rome Uniformed Rome



Some Major Renaissance Artists and Architects who Worked in Rome


Fra Angelico (Beato Angelico, Dominican) (Florence)

1395 - 1455 (60)

Bramante (Donato di Pascussio d'Antonio) (Urbino & Milan)

1444 - 1514 (70)

Perugino (Pietro Vannucci) (Perugia)

1450 - 1523 (73)

Bernardo il Pinturicchio (Umbria & Florence)

c1452 - 1513 (61)

Michelangelo (Florence)

1475 - 1564 (89)

Rafaello (Raphael) (Urbino)

1483 - 1520 (37)

Antonio da Sangallo

1483 - 1546 (63)

Annibale Carracci

1560 - 1609 (49)


1573 - 1610 (37)

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

1598 - 1680 (82)

Francesco Borromini

1599 - 1667 (68)


Artists of the Italian Renaissance     Paintings by Artists of the Italian Renaissance




Bernini's Vault Tomb in Santa Magia Maggiore (guidebook photo)



Borromini's Vault Tomb in San Giovanni dei Fiorentini



Link to Rome Artlovers' Guide







Popes of the Middle Ages and Renaissance





 Tosca, the brilliant opera by Giacomo Puccini, was set in Rome in June 1800 in:


The Basilica of Sant'Andrea della Valle (Act I)


The Palazzo Farnese (Act II)     The Castel Sant'Angelo (Act III)


The Rome Opera House - between the Esquiline Hill and the Quirinale

 - where the Opera Tosca was premiered on 14 January 1900.



In 1992 there was a magnificent production of Tosca which was televised live from Sant'Andrea della Valle (Act I), the Palazzo Farnese (Act II) and the Castel Sant'Angelo (Act III) over a period of 24 hours.  We have it on VHS tape (remember them?) and it is absolutely worth making a special effort to find. 


Also shown below is the remastered 1953 Callas / di Stefano / Gobbi / de Sabata recording at La Scala, Milan, which is special not just because it captured Callas at the top of her career singing the part that was "hers", but because there is a rarely found acoustic magic in the recording - we have the unremastered version and feel no need to go further!

















The Albergo Abruzzi is straight ahead



Breakfast View



Morning Room View



Albergo Abruzzi ***



Opposite the Pantheon, the Albergo Abruzzi is about as central a hotel as you can get  and also close to lots of restaurants, some of which are very good.  When we first stayed here we had been concerned about noise, but as the piazza is blocked to all but delivery vehicles, this is not a problem.  Lots of people, but that's fun, as is the morning smell of roasting coffee, and waking up and looking out of the window at a 2000 year old building.






Rome - Palaces and Fountains - Early Cut



Roman Church selection - original on-the-road cut


Over 50 (eventually) Rome Church Pages








The huge Victor Emmanual Monument - "Il Vittoriano" - built between 1885 and 1911 to honour the first king of unified Italy, Victor Emmanual II of Savoy - the butt of many unkind comments as "the epitome of self-important insensitive architecture" but, hey, if you'd been ruled by nasty foreigners for 1500 years you too might indulge in a bit of over the topness when they were finally evicted.







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