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In Pz Collona the Municipal Police leave for lunch (above), whilst the riot squad (below and below) deal with an unrioting bunch of rioters

and the Carabiniere and other Municipal Police look on and light up

Meanwhile, up at the Quirinale Presidential Palace, there's time for a Carabiniere general and colleagues to have a quick lung cleanser before boarding the bus for lunch after a strenuous meeting

but no such luck for the guys on presidential guard duty




In a tiny roped off area of Pz Monte Citorio,  the Carabiniere watch over a demo at the back of the parliament buildings in October 2006.  A loudly amplified Andean Flute played "Santa Claus is Coming Tonight" and "Jingle Bells" repeatedly whilst everyone else chatted, blew whistles and smoked cigarettes and cigars.



Uniforms of a different kind as an Alpino brass band helps out on a Sunday with a Spanish religious procession moving very slowly down Corso Vittorio Emanuele, carrying something very large and heavy behind a group of incense ladies walking backwards.












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