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A Day Trip to Capri



Fast Ferry from Sorrento (with Breakfast)



Toll collectors at the rowing boat entrance to the Blue Grotto - and inside the water really is this colour (that's the entrance to the grotto (=cave) top right).



The Marina Grande


The cloisters of the Certosa di San Giacomo, dating from the 1370s and now used as a school


No cars then or now on the via Tiberio, the 350 M high one meter wide one hour walk / climb (with views) to the huge (7,000 Sq M) hilltop Villa Jovis (Jupiter) from which the Emperor Tiberius ruled the Roman Empire for ten years.  He also had 11 other villas on the island, each dedicated to a major Roman God.  Tiberius took over as Emperor on the death of Augustus in AD 14.  He moved to Capri in AD 27 and ruled from there for ten years until AD 37 when he was smothered in his sleep at the age of 78.  He was succeeded by Caligula who lasted four years till he was assassinated early in 41.  Next in line was Claudius (of "I Claudius" fame) who was poisoned in 54 at the age of 64.  So old Tiberius did pretty well to reach 78


Link to Julio Claudian family tree


Julio Torresoto, Puerto Rican actor and companion on the via Tiberio, with Marina, custodian at the Villa (but really a web site designer)



The view from the Villa Jovis


Neapolitan love songs accompany a couple of ice cold Peronis on the way back down the mountain.


Whilst a meter wide ambulance, built for slim streets, is the only vehicle allowed


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