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To Sicily & Taormina on a rainy day




The ferry from Italy to Messina, including plenty of police cars - somehow ferries always stir up a bit of excitement!

The Greek then Roman Theatre perched in the sky with a spectacular view of Mt Etna when it's not raining (as in the right hand postcard!) and the sea below (from the upper circle).  Why on earth the Romans obstructed the views with built backdrops (the Greeks used the view as their backdrop) is difficult to fathom!

Sicilian lace, and an old wooden dolci (sweet / biscuit) mould in the Taormina folk art museum

Tired from walking in the pouring rain (and of the tatty shops in the main drag) a good restaurant was needed for dinner - this is the team from the atmospheric Il Baccanale which is on via di Giovanni (stand at the start of the road up to the theatre, and via di Giovanni is the street dropping down to your right - the restaurant is on the right after a couple of bends).


Of outstanding taste was the home made Paparandella pasta (short flat & wide) with a light coral coloured tomato / mozzarella or parmesan / +? sauce and fresh shrimps.  To finish, a first try of vino alla mandorla, a dolci (but not sickly sweet) wine infused with almond - a pleasant palate cleansing experience!  All served with friendly charm by our English speaking Brazilian waitress.


An excellent choice - Thanks Helen N. for the recommendation.

Ristorante 'a ZammÓra (via F.lli Bandiera 15, just off the main drag - Corso Umberto) which is a more upmarket (more formal, more expensive, more well heeled American couples, but still good food!).  In the warmer weather the (small) deal is that you can sit in their (small) grove of orange trees.


The Trattoria Rosticepi di Piero is just outside the Porta Messina (via S Pancrazio 18) - not very twee, but that's no barrier to good well priced food in Italy.  Their version of the Sicilian "Pasta alla Norma" (macaroni, aubergines, cottage cheese, etc) and a flagon of house rosso were very satisfying compensation for clambering around the Roman theatre in the pouring rain.  


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