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More reliefs and statues from

Monte Sant'Angelo in the Gargano


Several of the photos are from the book "l'Angelo la Montagna il Pellegrino" pictured below

which can be purchased from the bookshop at the shrine


Back to a day in the Gargano



A rather oriental-eyed Saint Michael (700s - 800s) in his other role as weigher of souls  - an activity also to be found in medieval cathedral tympanums like the Cathédrale St-Lazare in Autun (Bourgogne), and the Cathédrale Ste-Foy in Conques.



Saint Michael by Fiesole sculptor Andrea di Pietro Ferrucci (attributed) around 1510.  By this time our man had graduated to killing half humanoids (probably with Saracen featured heads).


More Images from Monte Sant'Angelo


This beautiful 1000s statue of Christ praying (75 cm tall) was found on the site of the demolished Saint Peter's parish church, next door to the sanctuary. 



The cover photo is another "Michael, dragon killer" - this one  carved on the side of the 1000 - 1100s bishop's throne in the Monte Sant'Angelo Sanctuary Church.

A detail of the bas-relief over the door to the Baptistery of Saint Peter (aka Tomb of Rotari)
The shepherds get the news - capital in the Tomb of Rotari

(image from a Touring Club Italiano book on Lecce and the Salento)


And here is another dragon killing arch-angel - this one actually from further south near Otranto


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