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The Abbey of San Leonardo di Siponto

Back to a day in the Gargano


The Abbey of San Leonardo di Siponto dates from the 1000s and was at one stage home for knights of the Teutonic Order.   The church is now the only functional building amongst the abbey ruins which are pressed up against  the very noisy four lane HGV trunk road which services the ugly Manfredonia.


The Abbey is only open for mass on Sundays at 6pm, so this is normally as close as you will get to the 1200s carved porch (below)  -  which is a good reason to have a powerful telephoto lens on hand! 


The top relief on the left hand door jam is a Centaur or Sagittarius.

 The Magi occupy the right hand door capital

(from "Cattedrali di Puglia")


The Magi in Art and Sculpture


 On the opposite side is a sword bearing Saint Michael at Balaam (also from "Cattedrali di Puglia") and on the right side of this .....


.... Michael the sweeper - not really - more like Michael the Dragon Killer, as shown in the book "l'Angelo la Montagna il Pellegrino" on the right.  The cover photo is another "Michael, dragon killer" - this one  carved on the side of the 1000 - 1100s Bishop's Throne in the Monte Sant'Angelo Sanctuary Church.


San Michele and San Giorgio kill more dragons



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