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The Wagon Wheel Rose Windows of Puglia's Cathedrals

Map and notes on Puglia Cathedrals

The Norman and Hohenstaufen Rulers of Southern Italy & Sicily

Detailed Road Map of Puglia



A 1703 view of Trani (guidebook image)




Trani Cattedrale 2003


Trani Cattedrale 2006





Bronze Doors of Trani Cattedrale (c1180)  




Knights Templar Church of Ognissanti Frederick II's Castello di Trani


Trani Porto 2003 Trani Porto 2006



photo from guidebook


Trani restaurants (and a hotel) The Museo Diocesano has lots of artefacts that originated in and around the nearby Cattedrale

Source: Museum Guide



Source: Museum Guide



Also in the The Museo Diocesano is this tempura on wood 1200s story of San Nicola il Pellegrino, done with 16 surrounding Sienese style predellas miniatures with events from his life.  The scene on the right shows Pope Urban II handing Nicola's canonization bill to Archbishop Bisanzio just before the First Crusade climaxed in Jerusalem in 1099 and the building of the Cattedrale di San Nichola il Pellegrino began.  The world was to wait another thousand years until a comparably iconic waterside structure - the Sydney Opera House - appeared.




The narrow flag-stone streets in the old town contribute to the enjoyment of hanging out there - but choose November rather than July!





The cloister of the beautifully restored (and, in 2006, deserted) Monastery / Franciscan Convent of Santa Maria di Collona




November has the most beautiful light quality for photography, but can be very cold winded as this feather plumped pigeon and parka'd people would attest.  The downside of November.




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