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Troia - Cattedrale dell'Assunta
Lower Facade and Main Door (this page) Upper Facade and Rosone
Apse and side doors of the Cattedrale Inside the Cattedrale




The lower facade of the Cattedrale was built between 1107 and 1115 and was last restored in the early 2000s.



A bit of eatin going on amongst the corbels at the top of the lower facade (them's human legs hangin out of the left hand mouth).



The main bronze door  was made by Oderiso di Benevento in 1119, so it is nearly 900 years' old !  The top damascenery panels (above and below) are the originals and include (top left) a self portrait of Oderiso himself with Bernardo (probably the cathedral architect).  Oderiso made at least two other sets of bronze doors, but neither have survived - they were San Giovanni, Capua (1122 and since disappeared) and San Bartolomeo in his native Benevento (1150 and melted down in 1693).


Link to Medieval Bronze Doors in Italian Churches


In the centre of the lintel over the door (below) are Christ with the Virgin Mary on his right and Saint Peter on his left.  To either side are tondi with the symbols of the four evangelists - The Angel (Matthew), the Lion (Mark), the Bull (Luke), the Eagle (John)




A small corner group enjoy the late autumn afternoon sun.  We have never seen anything like the primitive eater in the centre (above)!  The cow with the limb replacements is accompanied by two others on the upper facade.



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