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(*Anglicized as Padua)


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Padova, second oldest University City in Italy (after Bologna), and in recent times commercial and industrial powerhouse of the Venice area, after being badly damaged by very badly aimed American bombs in WW II.  The large walled and moated old city boasts the little Scrovegni Chapel in the North - the number one choice for seeing the best of Giotto and modern renovation techniques in action, and the main reason for this November 2002 visit ..... too bad that all tickets for the day had been sold!!  Remember to phone 049 201 0020 or go to their web site well in advance of your visit to avoid the same fate!   In addition to the photos below, the old town also boasts a Duomo, Piazza dei Signori, Palazzo del Capitano, etc (to be visited with more time and a chapel booking!).


Note that the central areas are badly signposted (even by Italian standards!).  If coming from the South / West (eg Bologna) and looking for the Scrovegni Chapel, follow the city wall round anticlockwise  ... the chapel is in the middle of the North side next to the old Roman Arena (inside which the Scrovegni family uppishly built their Palazzo - since demolished) - there is a large car park next to the moat / river (see web site for detailed local map).

On the Eastern side of the old town is a large and Byzantinely domed Franciscan Basilica and major pilgrimage centre, which contains the remains of S Anthony, contemporary of Saint Francis and Patron Saint of the Lost. 


Donatello's famous equestrian statue (bigger photo) of Venetian Condottiere Erasmo da Narni, called Gattamelata (The Honeyed Cat) (c.1370-1443) is in front of the Basilica.  It took Donatello ten years to complete, and was the first known full scale equestrian statue since the days of Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor 161-180) and the latter Roman Empire a thousand years earlier.



A huge basilica dedicated to Santa Giustina (sentenced to death by the Emperor Maximian at the tender age of 16 in October 304) is in the South of the old town next to the large formal park (Prato della Valle - below) where the markets happen


And, at the other end of town the Scrovegni Chapel - as close as it was possible to get to the treasure inside.



The large Prato della Valle park and Saturday market around the perimeter.




Banner advertizing the restored Giotto masterpieces in the Capella Scrovegni (in the background is Basilica S Giustina)



What the inside of the chapel might look like ...



A coffee table sized art book published by Skira - everything that you would expect (lots of stunning plates including lots of detail)  from the country of the world's best art book publishers.



Joseph and Mary get married Jesus rides into Jerusalem

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