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Photos from Alba in 2007



Alba's Indoor Truffle Market



Alba's outdoor Sunday street food festival (2006) .....


Tartufo Festival 1     Tartufo Festival 2     Tartufo Festival 3 (this page)



Other foodie pages from October 2006



The Dom returns to Alba in November 2006 to buy a Tartufo Bianco for England




Card reading in front of the Duomo


Wine selling behind the Duomo

Link to "Costa Catterina"

good value wines


Stalls in the Piazza Risorgimento in front of the Duomo focus on nature and natural foods


At the other end of the via Cavour nobody could tell us where this lot came from, but they were definitely connected with oranges (and a millinery guild).  As to what an Australian flag is doing in the background, we don't know that either.  Further back there was a didgeridoo stall, but their product came from Indonesia - they told us that Australian didgeridoo makers had priced themselves out of the market!


The Orange People were backed by a local brass band who gave a virtuoso performance of simultaneous brassing and smoking.

La Giocoliera


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Tartufo Festival 1

Tartufo Festival 2

Tartufo Festival 3 (this page)

Tartufo Bianco Official Market

Alba in November


Alba Tartufo Festival 2007


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