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Pentecoste Sunday (May 2004)

San Giorgio dei Greci, San Lorenzo and Castello

With Lunch

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Piazza San Marco

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Early starters in the Pentecoste Regatta







Early finishers in the Pentecoste Regatta - in the evening, of course, there's lots of fireworks and wine.













The church of San Giorgio dei Greci was built (complete with tilting tower)  during the 1500s and became the most important Greek Orthodox church in Western Europe.


Next door to the church is the Scuola di San Nicolo dei Greci which also houses an Icon museum which includes this 1517 Last Supper and a beautiful icon of miniature representations of apostles, saints and prophets with the Virgin Mary dating from the 1300s.  Also of course an iconic 1500s painting of the man himself out dragoning.


The images shown are postcards or taken from the museum guide.








Link to more images of St George & the Archangel Michael killing Dragons







San Lorenzo (right) - which is presently being converted into a museum.  It was here that Marco Polo was buried in 1324 (then subsequently lost during a renovation) and where the convent (to the left of the church) had a reputation for licentiousness which was impressive even by Venetian convent standards! 


It was also from the San Lorenzo bridge that, in the 1370s, Venice's bit of "the true cross" got accidentally dropped into the canal and miraculously rescued, as portrayed by Gentile Bellini below (you will find the painting in the Accademia).  The photo above shows the same scene today - the palazzo windows behind the bridge have not changed much in 600 years!









The nearby Ristorante Alla Conchiglia ("In the Shell") - one of the surprisingly rare eating houses with some tables on a fondamenta and good food (phone 0415289095).




And in the late afternoon we joined the birds in Pz San Marco, waiting for night and the traditional Pentecoste fireworks



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