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Santo Stefano

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Our favourite Venetian Gothic space is the smaller (but only by Venice standards) Santo Stefano which was rebuilt in its present early Gothic form  in the 1300s and altered further in the 1400s.  Over the period 1348 to 1594 it underwent six reconsecrations on account of blood being spilt within its walls.  Campo San Stefano, which hosted the last Venetian bullfight in 1802, is near the Accademia Bridge. 



In another corner of the Campo is Palazzo Morosini, one former resident of which was Francesco Morosini, Doge from 1688 - 1699.  Nicknamed "Il Peloponneso", his special moment came when, as the Venetian military commander, he ordered his mortars to fire on the Parthenon in Athens whilst it was being used as a gunpowder store by the opposing Turks.


The north nave, with burned orange coloured  columns made from  Veronese marble, whilst the white marble for the alternating columns is from Greece



For Pentecoste Sunday all the columns are dressed in red silk.

The church has a classic Venetian "keel roof"


A Last Supper by Tintoretto - the most distinguished of the paintings in the Sacristy


The apse of Santo Stefano spills out over a canal, whilst the Campanile is so far back that it is best viewed from the next Campo!



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