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Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni


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The Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni is a much more rewarding place, outside and inside,  to visit than its much bigger and over the top Scuola sisters.  The small panelled meeting room downstairs contains some fine paintings by Vittore Carpaccio (1450/60 - 1525), including San Giorgio killing the dragon, San Agostino having a vision, and San Gerolamo being buried.  Schiavonia is Dalmatia, and Venice had strong trading links with this community across the Adriatic, leading to a large community of Dalmatians in Venice (for whom this was their Scoula) and vice-versa.  The Scuola dates from 1451, was rebuilt a hundred years later, and has not been altered since.




The nearby dal Vecio Squeri restaurant is in an otherwise deserted and undistinguished little campo (no sign of the old squeri any more), and serves excellent Venetian food and wine.  Here is a "Pasta con il Nero di Seppia" - pasta with cuttlefish cooked in cuttlefish ink.  Contrary to what the card says it is open on Sundays - and on the Sunday we went it was packed with Italians.


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