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Sunday (and Monday) Lunch at

"Le Marronier" in Buffon

close to Montbard and the Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay, N Burgundy


Early September 2007


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A Sunday lay day in September 2007 in North Burgundy, with an easy 40 minute cross country drive for the Dom and his Peugeot for Lunch at  "Le Marronnier" on the Burgundy Canal in the hamlet of Buffon.  We had eaten (and indeed stayed overnight) at this excellent out of the way spot in 2004, on the memorable night that Portugal beat England in European Cup Soccer.  And no, we weren't the only diners, just (as usual) the last to leave.


Buffon was home to Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (1707 - 1788 (81)) - who wrote a complete history of nature amongst other things.



Web Site for Hotel ** and Restaurant le Marronnier





The first melt-in-the-mouth Foie Gras (poêlé aux pommes) of this trip


Noix de Saint Jacques à la Provençale




Gambas royale au buerre citronné (which was part of Monday's lunch - yes, we couldn't resist going back)





Fricassée de Rognons, Ris de Veau flambés





Charolais steak (Monday lunch)







Le Marronnier - September 2007 Menu





As the meal progressed, the Dom's eye kept being drawn back to a striking "Annunciation" painting on the wall - clearly painted by a descendant of Fra Angelico.  Anyway, to cut an interesting French conversation with mine host short, we bought it.  Now to get it back down under as it's quite big!



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