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Église St-Genest, Lavardin (1000s)

(St-Genest was Bishop of Clermont in the 600s)


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One branch of the via Turonensis, the pilgrim's road to Santiago de Compostela from Paris, followed the Loir River Valley (not the same as the Loire River Valley - that's bigger and further south!) for a lot of the way from Chartres to Tours.  Here are some photos of the substantial stone built church of St-Genest in Lavardin.  The church dates from the 1000s, with paintings done over the period 1100 and 1600. 


The Vendome tourist people list over 20 churches in the area with frescos, but we rather think that most of these are very fragmentary or in at least one case (bad) modern and that this church and the nearby Église St-Jacques des Guérets  are the best for simple beauty and getting a feel for what it was like when churches were painted.












Saint Francis and his birds get a place amongst the otherwise local French Saints




St-Denis brings his head to the party



A king and others are marched to Hell (foreground) and feet are washed in the background.






St-Michael disappears another dragon simultaneously with holding his judgement scales, a bishop croziers something and a lady waters her garden.









More photos of St-Genest Lavardin at art-roman








The River Loir bridge and the ruined keep of Lavardin Castle, seen from the Promenade du Poête



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