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Louvre Museum Two


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Medieval Church Sculpture




St Michel fells another dragon - part of the west facade tympanum (originally painted) of the Chapelle-St-Michel at the Abbey of Notre Dame de Nevers, now in the Louvre.




Wine  makers in the Côte d'Or (Bourgogne) (c1125) - Abbey of Moutiers-Saint-Jean (demolished in the 1800s) - Louvre (Paris).

Would have been part of a monthly labours' cycle.




An apocalyptic 1100s window tympanum from the Ile-de-France - Louvre, Paris




David wings Goliath, 1100s capital from Notre Dame de la Couldre, Parthenay (Poitou) (destroyed in the revolution) - Louvre (Paris).

There is a spectacular David and Goliath Capital in




A French "Green Man" tympanum decoration (early 1100s) from the Chevet of St-Denis, Paris - Louvre, Paris.




Luke's shepherds and a surviving angel wing from the upper register of the facade of Notre Dame de la Couldre, Parthenay (Poitou) (1100s and destroyed in the revolution) - Louvre (Paris)




An archangel appears to the Magi in a dream after they visited the baby Jesus, and warns them not to go home via King Herod, who was seriously manic about finding and killing the baby Jesus, and would have done for them had they not divulged his location.  1100s capital from an abbey in the Ile-de-France, exhibited in the Louvre, Paris.





More in the pipeline ....



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