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Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris


Basilique St-Germain-des-Prés


Institut du Monde Arabe


Basilique St-Denis

 Zodiacs & Monthly Labours



The Louvre One - Italian Paintings

The Louvre - Other Collections

Becket's Boxed Bits


Cluny Museum

Old Mantlepiece







La Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris








Louvre Museum One - The Italian End

da Vinci and Veronese face off in Room 6 of the Denon wing of the Louvre









Louvre Museum Two





Old Mantlepiece



Cluny Museum of the Middle Ages (Paris)


(Musée National du Moyen Age - Thermes de Cluny)







Saint Thomas (Becket) Reliquary Box - The Louvre

Saint Thomas (Becket) Reliquary Box - Cluny Museum


Becket's Boxed Bits







Basilique St-Germain-des-Prés




Harpies (now in the Cluny Museum in Paris) from the long gone cloister of the Abbey (now Basilique) of St-Denis - Abbot Suger's "first Gothic church".





Basilique St-Denis



Zodiac and Monthly Activity reliefs on the west doors of St-Denis






The Restaurant



Au Pied de Fouet - 3 rue Saint Benoit


A genuine left bank eatery in an area where most of these have become overpriced and under qualitied.


Here, the Dom's new friend, the irrepressible Emilie, will offer you in addition to the menu, a choice of two entrée and two main course plâts de jour which change each day and were consistently excellent on the 5 consecutive relaxed evenings the Dom spent there.  Thanks to Emilie, Jean-Francois and chef Sebastien.  Closed on Sundays.


The original restaurant (still operating as a sister establishment at 45 Rue de Babylone, across the Bvd St-Germain) used to be a lunch rendezvous for postmen, who parked their horses and carts outside, and took their horse whip (fouet) into the restaurant and placed it in one of the wall mounted tubes (pieds) provided for the purpose.



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