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Musée Saint Croix, Poitiers


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Poitiers in 1569, when it was besieged by Gaspard de Coligny, Admiral of France.  Gaspard, a Huguenot leader, was murdered in Paris in the St-Bartholomew's Day Massacres in August 1572.





The church of St-Porchaire has survived in the main centre of Poitiers, though in a somewhat diminished spatial form to what it would have been in the 900s, which is when these two bas-reliefs were in the church. 


Poitiers' St-Porchaire was the Abbot of the Community of St-Hilaire at the end of the 500s.  His sarcophagus was later incorporated into a pilgrimage shrine, and nowadays can be found in the church bearing his name next to a chocolate shop in the centre of Poitiers.



Above - A shepherd or hunter with staff, horn and sheep or dog.


Below - A stone mason at work.









A medieval rumble - "Chapiteau de la Dispute" - from one of the Poitiers' mansions.  Beard pulling (also hair pulling, moustache tweaking etc) is an aggressive activity quite often portrayed on the Romanesque capitals of France.


Link to lots more beard pullers in Anthony Weir's fascinating "Satan in the Groin" site





A bishop's blessing - 900s or 1000s





The beast at the back of this exhibit is "La Grand-Goule", a dragon who roamed the lowlands around Poitiers in the 500s, killing nuns and other travellers.  Ste-Radegonde bravely sought her out and killed her, and later this effigy was paraded around the town once a year to celebrate the event.


The provenance of the dragon and rider in the foreground is not known, though there is a Castillian air of Don Quixote about the rider, and the (working) canon poking out of the dragon's tail would have given attackers something extra to think about.



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