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Monasterio de San Jeronimo

Around Granada


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Extract from Paradoxplace "Al-Andalus - Chronology of Islamic Spain with Maps"


" 1232 - The last Muslim group to gain power is the Nasrid family.  By this time the Arab presence is on its way to being pushed back by "La Reconquista" - the forces of the Christian monarchs - to the Kingdom of Granada.  But the Nasrids manage to wheel and deal another 260 years of co-existence, and though they are an irrelevant civilization by comparison with the Cordoba Caliphate, they do bequeath to the world the glory of the Nasrid Palaces on the Alhambra in Granada


Eventually in January 1492 the Nasrids are forced  to surrender to the recently united forces of Ferdinand and Isabella, "Los Reyes Cathólicos" (the "Catholic Monarchs" - blessed as such by the Spanish Borgia Pope Alessandro VI (1431 - 1492 - 1503 (72)).  The 781 year Muslim presence in Spain is over.  Later in the year Columbus sets sail from Huelva and Lorenzo de' Medici dies in Florence - it's "the end of the Middle Ages ".


The Courtyard of the Myrtles

The Courtyard of the Lions

The Partal

Generalife Weekender
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