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The Alhambra


Monasterio de San Jeronimo


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Link to Sercotel Carmen Hotel (the Dom's choice - good downtown location)


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Capilla Real




Don't worry about the main Cathedral, but take the entrance to its left to the Capilla Real (which is actually a part of the Cathedral, but the way it is arranged ensures two entrance fees), the magnificent basilica sized royal pantheon which contains the tombs and coffins of  the "Catholic Monarchs" Isabella I of Castile (1451 - 1474 - 1504 (53)) and Ferdinand II of Aragon (1452 - 1479 - 1516 (64)), the first monarchs of all Spain, and their daughter Queen Joan (1479 - 1555 (76)) and her King Consort Philip I (1478 - 1506 (28)), who was the son of Habsburg Emperor Maximilian I


Joan ("the Mad" - "Juana la Loca"), whose tomb effigy is shown above, lost it after the early death of her  Habsburg love Philip the Handsome, and spent the last 46 years of her widowhood locked up.  Which is why their son, the Habsburg Emperor Charles V, took over Maximilian's German and Low Country stuff plus Joan's Spain at an early age. 


Incidentally, Joan's youngest sister was Catherine of Aragon, the first of Henry VIII's six wives.  The fact that she was Charles V's aunt probably helped her stay alive after she fell out with Henry.  She was buried in Peterborough Abbey - which ironically became one of Henry's "New Cathedrals".


Isabella and Ferdinand had (eventually) supported Columbus' voyages of discovery (1492 et seq), and Charles reaped the financial benefits of the resulting "new world" order and loot.  As well as the Americas, Charles added other bits of Europe (like much of Italy) to his Kingdom portfolio, marking the all time zenith of Habsburg power.


Some other memorable tombs in Spain and Portugal



Monasterio de San Jeronimo


The tangy perfume of orange blossom in the cloister of the Hieronymite Monasterio de San Jeronimo (now a nunnery)




The main courtyard of the nearby San Juan de Dios Hospital
A beautiful old astrolabe in Granada's Archaeological Museum

Jamon y quesco (= pecorino) late (for the Dom) lunch snack (= large plate of jamon + large plate of quesco + loaf of bread) with a  few glasses of red for Dom Paradox, seen here with the owner of the Casa Enriques Taberna, Acera del Darro 8, Granada (conveniently almost next door to the Sercotel Carmen Hotel).


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