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Santiago Puerta de las Platerias




A fish-carrying mermaid, pierced by an arrow (from Sagittarius?)


On the south side of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral transept , the Puerta de las Platerias (Goldsmiths' Portal) is the only 1100s Romanesque portal left.  It includes (below) our old friends Adam (with Spanish mo to match that of God) and Eve along with the waterproofed post pilgrims' Sunday mass throng, and some interesting corbels only noticed three years after we were there. 


A medieval students' challenge to university freshmen was to climb the steps two at a time - an impossible task as there are an odd number of steps.



Santiago Puerta de las Platerias








Eve and Adam (with Spanish mo to match that of God) are given their marching orders.


More Medieval Adam and Eve Images in Spain, Italy, France and Britain




A bit younger that the first couple, but none-the-less a very handsome Sagittarius wearing his own version of the popular pennant hemmed tunic.  Was his arrow the one which pierced the symmetrically placed mermaid?




The tympanum of the left hand door tells the story of the temptation of Christ.



Santiago Puerta de las Platerias - Temptation Tympanum


Detail from the temptation tympanum.






Right hand door tympanum.




Back in 2006 we were so focussed on the archivolt bas-reliefs of the Puerta de las Platerias that we completely failed to notice the corbels above the archivolt  - self beard pulling, mouth deforming, and lots of other things you can work out for yourselves - these are 6 of the 16 corbels there.






Sunday morning pilgrims




A more typical weekday view of the Puerta de las Platerias.




Looking down from the top of the steps.




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