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Madrid - Plaza Mayor Starter


One could, of course, have opted for a 2 bocadilo - Madrid's speciality calamari roll - and listened to the man playing water filled wine glasses ... but one didn't. 


PS - the Prado was also visited

A delayed city exit after picking up this year's lucky Peugeot, as the Madrid Marathon gridlocked everything for hours and resulted in the disturbing personal discovery of the same sort of emotions that Pavlov's rats must have experienced .... so the planned exploration of Segovia was reduced to a quick photo of one of the the main attractions (the Roman aqueduct) from an illegally parked car , ....... 

and on to Avila (where Santa Teresa, the Santa Caterina of`Spain, hailed from but did not end up) for the night - safely hotelled behind 2.5 Kms of medieval walling .... next in line Salamanca and Toledo, then it's south to Granada


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