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"The Bull" stands proudly on many high ridges all over Spain.  Originally introduced in 1956 as advertizing for the Osborne sherry and brandy company, there was a national outcry when, in the wake of new EU laws banning roadside advertizing outside towns, the bulls faced extinction.  But  following petitions and nationwide protests the bulls (sensa Osborne logos) were reclassified as official historical monuments and lived on.   Thanks to the Michelin Green Guide for this and much other interesting information ... it's the one guide that the Dom always has in his whatever (and he doesn't even get paid for this plug) !



Books about Spain and Portugal


Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain) Chronology and Maps



Scholarship and Discovery in Medieval Spain



Reconquista (in preparation)


Some Memorable Tombs in Portugal and Spain



Spanish & Portuguese Abbey, Monastery, Nunnery, Mosque and Cathedral Links



Spanish & Portuguese Cistercian (*) Abbeys


Christian Kings and Queens of Spain from 970


About the Camino de Santiago and its Pilgrims


Spanish Roads to Santiago de Compostela



Web Gallery of Art - Art in Spain

1200s to 1600s




Links below lead to over 50 Spain & Portugal Photo and History Pages in Paradoxplace via Regional Directories


Camino de Santiago Photo Pages      Map





Santiago de Compostela



Leon Cathedral



Santo Domingo de Silos



Olite Castle, Navarra






& Catalonia


Photo Pages



Spain Photo




Plaza Mayor Madrid



Spanish and French Roads to Santiago de Compostela


Books about Spain


Abbey of Rueda, Aragon







Royal Cistercian Monastery of Alcobaça



Abbey of Poblet, Catalonia


Salema, Portugal


Columbus and Rabida Convent


Nazrid Palace, Granada Alhambra


Great Mosque of Cordoba




Andalucia Photo Pages






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More books about Spain and Portugal




Paradoxplace Camino de Santiago Photo Pages



Our Spanish and Portuguese road trip in April-June 2006 took Dom Paradox on a paella-less and almost sea-less 7,000 Km drive kicking off in Madrid, and including Segovia, Avila, Salamanca, Toledo, Granada, Cordoba, Carmona (just to the East of Seville), Seville, Huelva,


Salema (SW tip of Portugal), Evora (near the 'j' of Badajoz), Batalha & Alcobaça (near the 'r' of Portugal)


Santiago de Compostela and the Pilgrims' Road (Camino de Santiago or Camino Frances if headed east like us) -  Leon, Burgos & around N Castile & La Rioja, Jaca (north of Huesca)


and around Navarra and N Aragon, Rueda (Aragon, south of Zaragosa), Poblet and Santes Creus (Catalonia, W of Barcelona) ... More from Catalonia in a future journey.




Spring in Spain & Portugal





Chronology and Maps of Islamic Spain



Scholarship and Discovery in Medieval Spain


Reconquista (in Preparation)



Christian Kings and Queens of Spain from 970


Spanish and French Roads to Santiago de Compostela



About the Camino de Santiago and its Pilgrims



Spanish & Portuguese Abbey, Nunnery, Monastery, Mosque and Cathedral Photo Page Links



Spanish and Portuguese Cistercian Abbeys




Madrid - Segovia - Avila



Convento de Las Dueñas




Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes

Prayer Hall of the Sinagoga del Tránsito

Santa Maria la Blanca

Visigoth Church of San Roman





Santiago de Compostela

From Santiago de Compostela to León



León Cathedral

Basilica de San Isidore


From León to Burgos

San Miguel de Escalada (Mozarabic) Monastery Church

Gradefes (active Cistercian nunnery)

Villalcázar de Sirga (Templar) Basilica



Burgos Cathedral

Cistercian Nunnery of Santa Maria la Real de Las Huelgas (museum)

Abbey of San Pedro de Gardina (active Cistercian monastery)


Rio Arlanza Valley

Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos (active monastery)


Cistercian Nunnery of Canas (active nunnery)

San Millán de la Cogolla - Yuso and Suso  Monasteries (museums)






Monasterio de San Jeronimo

The Alhambra, Granada


CORDOBA - The Great Mosque




Los Reales Alcázares

Tiles and Decorations in Los Reales Alcázares


CARMONA (in preparation)




Christopher Columbus & Rabida Convent






Cape Saint Vincent - The End of the Medieval World

Wild Seas and Inland Flowers

Dominican Monastery (convent) of Batalha (church & museum)

Cistercian Monastery of Alcobaça (church & museum)




Around Navarra

Royal Monastery of San Salvador de Lyre (active monastery with hotel)

Church of Santa Maria la Real, Sanguesa



Monastery of Santa Maria de la Oliva (active monastery)

Real Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de Rueda (museum and outstanding hotel)

Reial Monastir de Santa Maria de Poblet (active monastery)

Reial Monastir de Santes Creus (church & museum)




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