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Early English Saints, Kings and Queens

English Kings and Queens from 802 AD to the present

Guides and Books about British Cathedrals Abbeys and Churches

England's Medieval Cathedrals - Background and Listing

Listing of  Paradoxplace British Cathedral, Abbey, Priory and Church pages


Timeline showing opening dates of British and key European Abbeys



English Counties - source not known



St George and St Michael



Eleanor Crosses



Rievaulx Abbey, Yorkshire

Rievaulx Abbey






Including:  Carlisle Cathedral  Bridekirk Font  Bewcastle Cross  Hexham Abbey  Barnard Castle  Bolton Abbey  Melrose Abbey  Dryburgh Abbey    Lindisfarne Priory  Durham Cathedral  York  Rievaulx Abbey  Fountains Abbey  Beverley St Mary  Beverley Minster  Scarborough  and others






Including:  Lincoln Cathedral  Peterborough Cathedral  Norwich Cathedral  Ely Cathedral  Harleston / Redenhall  Worcester Cathedral  Tewkesbury Abbey  Great Malvern Priory  Little Malvern Priory  Hereford Cathedral  Kilpeck  Hereford Romanesque Churches  St Laurence Ludlow  Gloucester Cathedral  Tintern Abbey  and others



Lincoln Cathedral



Wells Cathedral






Including:  Canterbury Cathedral  Barfreston  Rochester Cathedral  Westminster Abbey  Buriton  Winchester Cathedral  Salisbury Cathedral  Romsey Abbey  Christchurch Priory  Sherborne Abbey  Wells Cathedral  Bath Abbey  Exeter Cathedral  and others










See our photo of the tomb effigy of Henry IV in Canterbury Cathedral in Ian Mortimer's fascinating book "The Fears of Henry IV".


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More books about English Kings and Queens



English Kings and Queens from 802 AD to the present


Books about British Cathedrals Abbeys and Churches, also Galleries, Museums and Exhibitions


England's Medieval Cathedrals - Background and Listing


Link to listing of all the Paradoxplace British Cathedrals, Abbeys and Churches Photo Pages


Maps showing the locations of Cathedrals and Abbeys in England


Eleanor Crosses


The Cistercians in Britain


Early English Saints, Kings and Queens


Martyrdom of Thomas Becket  (29.12.1170)

Reliquary Boxes   -   Frescos and other Images




Magna Carta


100 Years' War






Paradox's photo of Worcester Cathedral looks extra good in this 2007 poster for a performance of Elgar's Dream of Gerontius by the Charlton Kings Choral Society.





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