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St James the Greater, Abson (Gloucestershire)








Abson is a small hamlet not far to the east of Bristol.  A rainy day on the M4 had turned into a beautiful clear lighted winter's evening when Team Paradox drove up to the village green in front of the church.  What we saw when we stepped out of the car was gob smacking - on top of the tall tower was an evocatively weathered set of figures that could have come straight from Romanesque Puglia in Southern Italy, and certainly unlike anything we've yet encountered in England!


Out came the double grunter lens gear and the monopod .... enjoy ......








Who's the lady ?




The Singer






Peaceful togetherness, but what's with the guy with a funny hat and crossed legs being squashed by the central statue and its plinth - it turns out that some have opined that "he" is in fact a sheela-na-gig but Prof Paradox thinks that that is a bit far fetched ..... still it would be fascinating to know who he actually was!




"Eating people is fun" (with acknowledgement to Flanders and Swan, and memories of Puglia and Aquitaine).




Victualler or victuallee ?




A maybe bat bagpiper.




Meantime, round the back ......




A pre-Norman lurker in the east (back) wall becomes only the second schlong-pic in the Place.



The church itself was locked and there was no information about where a key could be obtained from.



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