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The Misericords of St Laurence Church, Ludlow


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The church of Saint Laurence, Ludlow          St Laurence Website          St Laurence is a member of the Greater English Churches Group



St Laurence provides a rare misericord experience - not only does it have a lot of interesting ones dating from the mid 1400s, but they are all visible and many are well lit - sadly not usually the case in English churches.


The codes shown are taken from the illustrated booklet about all the misericords by Peter Klein, which is available from the church.


Also of special interest is the carved bench end on the left of the photo.




St Laurence Website






N2 - Harpy




N3 - Dishonest Alewife gets sorted by devils with faces in their knees and a bagpipe - as bad as it gets.  On the left a headed devil reads out her list of misdemeanours.  Note the carver's chop upper left.




N3 - Dishonest Alewife (detail).




N4 - Mermaid (with mirror but no comb) - temptress of men.


almost three dozen more Euro-mermaids




N6 - A gorged chained antelope - the personal badge of Henry VI - supported by two green men.




N9 - Reynard the cunningest of foxes, disguised as a priest, preaches seductively and draws the geese closer until he can grab one.

On the left a rabbit contemplates escape whilst his captor is engaged in chatting up.

link to another preachin fox in Hexham




N12 - Angel playing a shawm.




S1 - Wealth and Death (with carver's chop)




S3 - A porter with backpack strapped on pulls up his boot.




S7 - Foot warming (February?)




S9 - Bits of fox, cockerel and other birds and lots of carver's chops.




S11 - Thieving Tapster




S12 - Celebrating (or worshipping) wine.



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